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Robot Shopping Cart A403 for Contactless, Check out, Follow, Guide as an Assistant

Robot Shopping Cart A403

Robot Shopping Cart A403 for Contactless, Check out, Follow, Guide as an Assistant

1. Robot Shopping Cart A403 main features
1.Scan product code
3.Scan code to pay
4.Shopping guide
5.Smart follow
6.Seculity scale


2. Smart Shopping Cart A403 that follows you

The Fdata team added a variety of sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms to the smart shopping cart A403 to realize the automatic follow-up function of the smart shopping cart. The Smart Trolley A403 can automatically identify the owner's physical characteristics and avoid obstacles by itself, making customers safer and easier Shopping.

The  smart shopping cart is equipped with a shopping guide system. The customer only needs input or voice to inform the  shopping cart robot of the product name, and the smart shopping cart can take you to the product's destination and will plan the shortest route to save the customer time.
Smart Trolley A403 auto-following and navigation features bring customers a better shopping experience and help you save on staff costs.


3. Shopping Cart Robot A404 folding ability.

Shopping cart robot A403 also can fold, so you don't have to worry about the small shop and the large footprint of robot shopping cart. Our Smart Trolley A403 has taken into account the available space of supermarkets and grocery stores and designed this foldable shopping cart robot; it can be folded when charging and can be folded when no one is using it. 


4. Self-Checkout Shopping Cart A405

Smart Trolley A403 shopping cart integrated 3D image recognition camera and weight sensor, which can self-scan the goods in the robotic shopping cart. With an integrated POS system on the robot shopping cart, the robotic smart shopping cart can self-checkout, reduce customer waiting time, and increase store customer satisfaction Views.



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