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Smart Shopping Carts A402 with Scanner, Security Scale, POS&Printer

Smart Shopping Carts A402

Smart Shopping Carts A402 with Scanner, Security Scale, POS&Printer

Why do we need smart shopping cart?

Smart shopping carts are smarter than traditional shopping carts. Smart shopping carts use artificial intelligence and machine learning technology,smart shopping trolley will change the shopping experience. smart shopping trolley integrate POS systems, AI cameras, security scales, and scanners; customers enter the store and select the smart shopping cart to select their favorite items and pay on the smart shopping trolley without having to stop at checkout.
The original intention of Fdata to create the A405 smart shopping cart is to provide people with a simple shopping cart self-checkout experience; customers can select items on the smart shopping cart to scan, weigh and check out. If you want to use the smart shopping cart to carry out your shopping in supermarkets or groceries For shop business, please get in touch with Fdata- a shopping cart supplier.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of smart shopping trolley?   

1. Smart Shopping Trolley Advantage: Smart shopping trolley self-Checkout reduce customers waiting time

Smart shopping carts integrate POS systems, barcode scanners, security scales, AI cameras, and touchpads. These sensors help customers skip the checkout line at the checkout counter and increase the customer's contactless shopping experience. Smart shopping in the store The cart is like having a checkout and weighing platform that can be moved anywhere and weighed and checked out anywhere in the supermarket. Smart shopping carts reduce labor costs and increase sales for stores.


 2. Smart Shopping Trolley Advantage:smart shopping trolley let customers enjoy contactless shopping trip

Because Covid-19 has changed people's shopping methods, from offline shopping to online shopping, the arrival of smart shopping carts will also change people's shopping habits again. Self-checkout, which avoids contact with in-store waitpeople and avoids long queues.
 Smart shopping carts allow customers to maintain social distance and allow us to reduce the risk of infection caused by Covid-19.
Currently, smart shopping carts in the United States, Japan, China, Latin America, and other countries can be seen everywhere, and intelligent shopping cart brings people a great shopping experience!


3. Smart Shopping Trolley Advantage: Smart shopping trolley ts bring more sales to stores

A touchable tablet on the smart shopping cart can push more products and coupons to customers according to their shopping behavior. For example, if a customer buys whole wheat bread, the tablet display will move you to buy milk; milk Will make your whole wheat bread tastier;
For example, if you buy one toothbrush, the tablet will suggest you buy two because buying two toothbrushes will bring you an 8% discount because coupon customers are more willing to buy two. If You put a smart shopping cart in your supermarket or store, the smart shopping cart will become an excellent salesperson in your store.



a.  Smart Shopping Trolley Disadvantage:Smart shopping carts will increase the maintenance cost of the store.

Smart shopping has many advantages, but of course, it also has disadvantages. When the store is closed, the store needs to clean the smart shopping cart, which will increase the cost of manual cleaning of the shopping cart. Smart shopping carts are more complicated than traditional shopping carts. Cleaning requires more time so the cleaning cost will be higher and more time-consuming. That is why the smart shopping cart will increase the maintenance cost of the store.


b.  Smart Shopping Trolley Disadvantage:Smart Shopping Carts Cost More.

The traditional shopping cart is straightforward, consisting of an iron frame body and several wheels, and the cost of such a shopping cart is meager. In contrast, the smart shopping cart integrates various sensors and POS systems, so the price will be very high compared to traditional shopping carts.
Although smart shopping carts have many disadvantages, we believe that smart shopping carts will be a trend in the retail industry because smart shopping carts have brought us a lot of benefits.


Smart Shopping Cart Supplier

Here we list the following smart shopping cart suppliers in no particular order.

Company Founded Located
2016 USA
2017 New Zealand
2016 USA
2017 USA
Fdata 2015 China


How much does a smart shopping cart price ?

The price of smart shopping in the market ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. The price of a smart shopping cart depends on the customer's requirements for smart shopping cart functions.
If you need self-checkout, AI camera, follow, security scale, and more functions,  The smart shopping cart price may cost $10,000;
If you only need the customer to scan the code on the smart shopping cart, and do not need other sensors and integrated POS, then the smart shopping cart will be very cheap. The price is about $1000 or even less.
Fdata Co., Ltd is a leading provider of smart shopping cart solutions in China. Fdata utilizes computer vision and barcode scanners to solve retailers' only concerns—cost, security, and contactless shopping. Fdata provides customization. The advantage of customization is to design the function of the shopping cart according to customers' needs, which can help customers create their satisfactory innovative shopping cart products and reduce the cost of customer application on the shopping cart.




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