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Robotic Shopping Cart A405 Offers More Convenience.

Robotic Shopping Cart A405

Robotic Shopping Cart A405 Offers More Convenience.

1. Shopping Cart Manufacturer Fdata

Fdata is a robotic shopping cart solution provider integrating R&D and production.The A405 robotic shopping cart is used in grocery stores, supermarkets, and malls.
The arrival of innovative shopping cart increases smart cart shopping fun for customers, reduces sales costs for merchants, and helps business growth.Fdata provides customized robotic shopping cart solutions to meet customers' different usage scenarios of smart shopping carts and is designed for other groups of people; Fdata is your trusted shopping cart manufacturer.


2. Robotic Shopping Cart A405 Features

•  Follow feature to make shopping easier for customers
•  Self-check at the robotic shopping cart
•  Display targeted ads
•  Self-charging
•  Collects data on customer's buying trends
•  Automatic obstacle avoidance to ensure safe shopping for customers


3. Innovative Shopping Cart A405 Benefits

•  Reduces marketing and operating costs
•  Increases customer loyalty and satisfaction
•  Reduce losses from theft
•  Smart cart shopping reduces payment waiting time

4. Smart Shopping Carts A405 Technical Specifications

1.Scan product code
3.Scan code to pay
4.Shopping guide
5.Smart follow



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