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Fdata kiosk is a self-service terminal that integrates hardware and software applications. It's used to improve convenient services for customers. We provide custom display size and model solutions to fit in restaurants, retail supermarkets, and many public locations. Fdata is determined to help merchants save on labour costs and earn more margins.

Fdata self-service kiosk solutions:
1. Public information guide kiosk: It provides convenient services to customers, such as shopping mall map guide, headline news and store direction, merchant advertising, or even searching function.
2. Bill payment kiosk: This kiosk serves as an excellent aggregation feature for financial services, including online banking, coupons, credit points, QR code payment, check cashing, money orders and eCommerce.
3. Ticketing selling kiosk: It services for amusement parks, airports, train or metro stations, gymnasia and lotteries, self-service ticket kiosks are convenient and saving time.
4. Self-ordering kiosk: Customers can place an order and directly checkout at the kiosk. It's mostly used in big supermarkets.
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