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Where Can You Use POS?



As a turning point from physical cash payments to non-cash digital payments - the emergence of POS machines has brought a lot of convenience to our lives.
 So how much do you know about pos machine that is commonly used in life and that we are relatively unfamiliar with?


1. What is a POS machine?

We always see a card machine placed on the counter when we consume in offline shops; the salesman only needs to enter the amount on this tiny machine and swipe the customer's bank card to complete the order payment; the name of this machine is called POS.
The full name is the point of sale intelligence system. The primary function of the POS machine is to count the customer's purchases and assist the shop in settling the order by transferring the money from the bank card to the merchant's account.
The use of POS machines was once prevalent in shops in Hong Kong. The act of swiping a card became a trend as if lifting a card became a symbol of having a high level of spending power without having to pull out cash for change or even carry some money, which is a very convenient way for consumers to pay.


2.  POS machines used in what areas daily?

POS machines are used in a wide range of applications, as long as the act of paying bills by swiping a bank card can be achieved through them. Whether it is a cashier in a large shopping mall, a small shop, a clothing shop, a cafe, or a bus or taxi, they can be used flexibly depending on the place of consumption. They are used for donations to charities, and POS transactions are very secure, achieving a high level of encryption throughout the payment-accounting process.


3. What is POS cashing all about?

The early days of POS machines did provide a more diverse means of payment for the business.
Offering the convenience of achieving purchases in situations where it was impossible to carry cash facilitates many amenities in our lives. It provides a great degree of comfort for both consumers and merchants. And then professionals, having become proficient in the operation of POS machines.
 They began to look at ways to create more benefits through POS machines, Such as cashing out, i.e., by purchasing their own POS machines and swiping the amount of the cash withdrawal limit from their credit cards to their savings card accounts through the POS machines.
It is achieving a low fee debit and credit practice, making more cash available for activity on hand, a disguised way of siphoning. This is a disguised withdrawal of money from the bank, bypassing the formal procedures and thus exempting the bank from paying the relevant withdrawal fees. 
This is a desperate method for those in a pinch, but there is a price to pay for breaking the law, so let's be sensible.


4. How to buy a POS machine?

Fdata has been deeply involved in the POS machine industry for eight years and has helped more than 100 customers to succeed in the POS business. FDATA has a professional POS machine R&D team, which can be completed in our factory from design to mass production. If you need to find a professional POS machine manufacturer, please get in touch with us.



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