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What is self service kiosk technology?



I don't think many people are sure what this technology is self service kiosk, but you have seen self service kiosks, which can be found in McDonald's, airport check-in, bus tickets, supermarket shopping, hotel check-in, etc. It has many applications and has contributed significantly to recent business activities.

What is self service kiosk technology?

Self ordering kiosk technology is a service technology that operates on a machine to provide payment, registration, marketing, and management. The emergence of this technology allows direct interaction between the customer and the product company. 68% of customers prefer to purchase digital services on the self ordering kiosk, which saves time and effort for the customer and reduces human resources costs and marketing costs for the company. It's a win-win for both parties.

Especially for restaurants, the existence of self ordering kiosk is very necessary.

Why do restaurants need self service kiosk, and what are their benefits? I have summarized the following points.

1. The global virus epidemic is still unknown, reduce the human contact

Although the world is gradually liberalized, the epidemic is still not fully resolved. In the short term, COVID-19, monkeypox virus, hantavirus, etc., are the lingering gloom for the global public. If people can get the non-direct contact service of the self service kiosks, not only can customers use safe and secure beautiful food, but they also can protect the safety of employees. The self-service kiosk is necessary for restaurants in the era of the COVID-19 epidemic.

2. Labor shortage, adopt machines to improve efficiency

In this epidemic era, you may have noticed the existence of inflation, the inability of many restaurants to find employees, or the difficulty for restaurants to hire an employee at a low price. Everything is getting expensive nowadays, and if you can't give a reasonable price to hire employees, your restaurant's operation will become problematic. But you just need to buy your custom self serve kiosk that can solve your problem of lack of labor; it works as a machine with unlimited efficiency and hours, which can also reduce the workload for your employees.

3. Giving customers better and more efficient service

Customers operate on self-service kiosks; from ordering-payment, customers can see at a glance. In times of high traffic, the meal information shown on the self serve kiosk can be quickly absorbed by customers and delivered quickly.

4. Save marketing and promotion costs for yourself

The products presented in the self-service kiosks can be very comprehensive, detailed, and diverse. Customers can clearly find and understand any meal you want to market in a self serve kiosk. You can also have your own branded self-service kiosk to suit your operational direction and strategy better.

How about the price of the self service kiosk?

If you want to know the price of the self service kiosk, it is available in the market for around $1,500-$5,000. But the price of the self-order kiosk for restaurants is not uniform, it has different customization services according to different restaurants, and the price is different for various customization services. The cost of self-order kiosks is also affected by different hardware, housing, payment devices, etc.

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