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Best Self Ordering Kiosk System



As the world returns to normal operations, the restaurant industry is gradually recovering. However, it is still not operating at the level it was before the COVID-19 outbreak. Countless restaurants have closed permanently, and those that have survived have struggled to move forward, with the cost of doing business skyrocketing due to higher labor and food costs. It's a long battle of the best and the worst, and we don't yet know when the outbreak will end, but more than 50% of restaurant operators are conservatively optimistic.

  Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of the National Association, suggests that in today's climate of low consumption, on-site restaurant operations need to be more careful about raising menu prices and vigorously seeking higher productivity and efficiency.
Human progress is reflected in technology; restaurant operators can adopt kiosk ordering systems to improve the efficiency of restaurant operations. You can easily find that most consumers have gotten used to the convenience of ordering food with the self-ordering kiosk system, and the restaurant kiosk system is constantly being upgraded with the way operators operate and the needs of consumers. Let's find out more about it.
 A self service kiosks is a terminal where people and machines exchange information with each other. For restaurants, it gives customers: a shorter waiting time, freedom to customize ordering services, fast payment checkout, etc. It provides restaurant operators with benefits such as accurate order information for customers, optimized staff efficiency, reduced dispensing errors, strategic marketing of additional dishes, clear inventory, and recording of customer preferences.
Restaurant kiosk not only improves customer satisfaction, and restaurant productivity, and saves operational costs; self-checkout kiosks is the best choice for most restaurants.

  Self-ordering kiosks are presented as high-definition touch screen terminals, common display terminals, often with card readers or printers, very intelligent and supporting IOS/Android and POS management software. Self-ordering kiosk ultimately operates by presenting, transmitting, and processing information. (If you compare self-service kiosks to an "employee," you tell the "employee" what the customer wants, and the "employee" can accurately and directly tell the "employee" what the customer wants, and the "employee" can relay the information to the back of the house about what to cook and what the customer likes. Or you can print a small ticket with all the relevant requirements of the customer's order for someone else to give to the chef, and the "employee" can remind other employees to serve the food when it is ready. (But this "employee" is tireless, efficient, error-free, and has a very short delivery time.)

  Self checkout kiosks have been integrated into people's lives, no matter what kind of things, all have their advantages and disadvantages, but food kiosks is one of the advantages more than disadvantages.

Self-checkout kiosks Advantages:

1. Accurate information saves time for both parties

In the self checkout kiosks can accurately present detailed information, Customers and restaurant staff can clearly understand what each other need.
And most restaurants are limited in location, staff in the tedious order and bill away, 
Customers do not have to wait too long to complete the entire dining process, which is conducive to new customers seated, improving turnover, checkout calculation is fast and accurate, reducing manual errors and saving time for both parties.

 2. Restaurant kiosks improve customer experience in the Restaurant.

Suppose your Restaurant has a lot of customers in line at mealtime. 
In that case, the Restaurant kiosk can guide customers to browse the menu and choose to order first and check in restaurant kiosks,
Restaurant staff can have time to do an excellent job of reception, cleaning, serving food, answering customers' questions, serving customers, and so on. The use of restaurant kiosks can optimize the allocation of human resources of staff, thus improving customer satisfaction and helping your customers enjoy restaurant self service and let your Restaurant because self service restaurants

3. Restaurant kiosks efficient additional marketing to increase turnover

The product presentation of Restaurant kiosks is not just a display, it can be visually efficient and well-done marketing tasks through clear price comparison, using the human sensory experience of color, product distribution layout, etc. Many people will be a bit resistant to others to market their products. Still, restaurant kiosks use scientific consumer psychology to silently achieve the purpose of marketing and reduce the defensive psychology of consumers.

4. Self ordering kiosk meet personalization

Each person's taste is not the same; personalization is very most important, let customers participate in the personalization of dishes on self ordering kiosk so that customers achieve psychological autonomy. This is conducive to increasing customer goodwill and loyalty to the Restaurant.


Self service kiosk Disadvantages:

1. Self service kiosk Update and customization limitations

The content of today's self service kiosk is the same and lacks customizability, which is a barrier for different restaurants to use. If the Restaurant is a branded restaurant, the uniform self service kiosk will not highlight the brand and reduce the recognition, especially for restaurants that require technology and space, which is a major factor for not using restaurant kiosks. But the good news is that the development of today's technology, there are already such professional companies as FDATA to overcome the pain points of restaurant kiosk, brand customization, technology updates and space is no longer bound to use.

2. Self-service kiosk add Labor surplus

Self service kiosk can optimize the optimal allocation of time and resources, which is conducive to the Restaurant's profit increase. However, the machine replaces part of the staff's work, when part of the labor surplus, the Restaurant will optimize staffing arrangements or even likely to reduce staff.

3. Maintenance and management

The content of the self serve kiosk needs to be managed and updated. The content is the core that is very important for all machines. Initial content development and subsequent updates and optimization are greatly reduced without continuous follow-up for the Restaurant and business convenience. If you don't follow up well, every time the Restaurant comes out with a new dish, you still need to take a book to write down and paste it next to the machine, which is very troublesome. With restaurant kiosk, this does not mean that no staff is needed. But I want to tell you that these disadvantages are a thing of the past, FDATA has provided a solution to the penalties of self order kiosk, self service kiosk can be maintained by remote technology optimization, become more expandable, high freedom, but also networking, measurement and evaluation, etc.
All in all, science and technology will always be progressing, and the main purpose of machine manufacturing is still for the convenience of human beings; the disadvantages of order kiosk actually do not need to worry too much.

  1. Ordering kiosk eliminates social friction, the interaction between people is complex, and customer reduces the worry and fear of taking into account the eyes of others.
2. Customer increased spending because order kiosk often does not forget to upsell; the upsell through consumer psychology can often be accepted by the customer.
3. The customer reduces the waiting time for service and has higher requirements and expectations for service quality.
4. When the machine breaks down or when the customer has doubts, it can't clarify itself or give the customer a better explanation, and the customer is likely to feel worse without knowing.

Companies Toast Square Lightspeed Restaurant TouchBistro
Support System Android Android
Payment Method  tap, dip, or swipe payments   tap, dip, or swipe payments   tap, dip, or swipe payments   tap, dip, or swipe payments 
Supported Screen Sizes 10-inch
  7.9-inch, 9.7-inch
11-inch ,12.9-inch(BEST)
Apple Pay and Google Pay,
Toast Tap supports debit cards, credit cards, or mobile payments with NFC technology as well as traditional magstripe transactions. 
Apple Pay and Google Pay, traditional magstripe, NFC
Accept payments from all major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay
Credit Card EMV (Chip/PIN),
Debit EMV (Chip/PIN)
Credit Card Swipe
Credit Card Not Present (Manual Entry) and more

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